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Twice within the passed few days we have been made aware of the sharp practices of Unicom and Chess Telecom.

Unicom trebling the cost of one bill and Chess with their usual underhand sales tactics. . .

Unicom is now on their 3rd investigation by OFCOM for their underhand sales procedures in selling telephone products to consumers and businesses. The most blatant of which is their 3 year fixed term contract, which under EU law is prohibited, the maximum time that an individual or a small business, 10 staff or less, can sign up to a telephone service contract is 24 months. As well as this being the maximum length of contract for telephone service, these contract cannot automatically roll over, as in they cannot renew the contract for a further 24 months without getting your consent.

Chess on the other hand, just be careful when speaking to them on the phone, and make sure that who calls them on behalf of your company knows to beware of what is being said by the Chess staff member, for example, if your staff member is asked, “are you authorised by your company ” please be aware that this is them about to change your contractual terms and conditions, as well as length of contract.

It’s worth remembering that your local telephone service provider is probably best when looking for a trust worthy partner, they are local to you, they will, in all probability, be more than happy to come in and speak to you, they are less likely to tie you up on long term contracts.

We here at Just Voice and Data will, where possible, ensure that we only ever offer 30 day rolling contracts for telephone service, that means that if you’re not happy with our service, you can leave at any time as long as you give us 30 days notice, no long tie ins.

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Unicom under investigation

Unicom Investigation






The communications regulator Ofcom has launched an investigation into the sales practices of the telecoms company Unicom.

The group sells mobile, landline and broadband contracts to small businesses, but customers say the real costs were much higher than promised.

Radio 4’s You & Yours was told some businesses were charged twice the original sales offer.

Unicom said it was working to resolve the complaints of unhappy customers.

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“We’re a small company and to pay that would ruin us…””

Jennifer Ferguson
Small Business Owner

Ofcom has said the investigation is in its early stages, but will examine whether there are grounds for believing the company has failed to comply with rules for fixed-line suppliers.


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