VOIP, Why you shouldn’t listen to the IT expert when choosing your Telephone System

VOIP, what the experts don’t tell you!

Sometimes old is better

I have written several articles before on VOIP and the vulnerabilities that it poses to us, yet we still have the IT Experts out there pushing it. The latest wheeze is free calls from Gamma, yep free call, not just for you but for everyone who chooses to hack into your network. The only challenge is that YOU are left to foot the bill.

I recently came across an article by Dave Paresh in the Los Angeles Times, read it in full HERE.

By the end of this article if you still think VOIP is going to be a great investment for your business . . . hell mend you, you deserve everything that may come your way!

From the article:

” Wall Street firms, schools, media giants, insurance companies and customer service call centers have also temporarily lost phone service because of the attacks, according to telecommunications industry officials. Many of the victims want to remain anonymous out of fear of being attacked again or opening themselves up to lawsuits from customers.

The Marquette incident is noteworthy because when the business owner involved the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department, the scammer bombarded one of the county’s two 911 lines for 3 1/2 hours.

“The few people I’ve talked to about it have said that you just have to take it and that there’s no way to stop this,” Sheriff’s Capt. Chris Kuhl said.”

No way to stop this . . .  Just have to take it . . .

Interesting comments by the Captain . . . There is one way . . . Don’t go VOIP!

That’s not to say traditional services cannot be hacked, they can, but it’s a heck of a lot harder than leaving the back door open, which VOIP does!

The main thrust of the article, a hospitals A&E department losing their phone service for 3 days, just think if you had an emergency with your child, mother, wife, husband and they passed away because of it, how would that make you feel?

Because of some IT bod saying, hey I can save you a few pennies you end up losing a loved one, doesn’t bare thinking about does it?

No Disrespect to IT experts, but maybe they should stay away from VOICE, it’s not their forty afterall. Think about it, would you get a plumber to rewire your electrics? No, neither would I, so why get an IT expert to sell you VOICE communications when it’s not their area of expertise.

Cisco do not give voice priority in their routers, and we all know Cisco make up the vast majority of the hardware backbone to the internet, it’s hardly likely to be very secure then, is it?


Cyber criminals hack court system











Hackers have gained access to the personal information of 160,000 US citizens after compromising Washington State court service servers.

According to a Threatpost.com report, through a vulnerability in Adobe ColdFusion,160,000 social security numbers as well as the driving licence numbers and names of a million people were accessed by the hackers.

t is not yet clear when the attack happened but it is said to have been after September 2012.

The administration organisation for the courts said it took immediate action to secure the information when the attach was revealed.

“The attackers had no access to financial information, but were able to access 160,000 SSNs,” it said in a statement.

Full story here

Phreaking Attack on Public Sector







Phreaking attack on Scottish public sector offices.

I’ve recently been made aware of an attack over several offices of a government department. The attack happened over a few days before being discovered, costing Scottish tax payers thousands of pounds.

The attackers accessed the systems not just via telephone VOIP solution but also via the IP based Video conferencing highlighting yet again the vulnerability of VOIP based solutions.

I am also led to believe the cost for investigating how secure the departments voice systems are is also going to run to five figures, again this tab is being picked up by the Scottish tax payer.

With Credit card fraud running at over £300m per annum and highly publicised within the UK, we have got to start asking why more is not being done to help business understand the cost of Phreaking to them, currently running at more than 5 times the cost of credit card fraud to the UK.

We spend millions in the UK securing our offices, computers etc from attack, yet we pay absolutely no heed to our telephone systems. the majority of us have probably never experienced a break in or a virus attack, yet securing these two areas is now second nature to us.

For those who have never heard of Phreaking here’s a quick intro to what it actually is:

Phreaking is where your telephone system is hacked, allowing the hackers to steal your lines to make calls free of charge for them, exceptionally costly for you. There are proven links between Phreaking and worldwide organised crime and terrorism. Providing a massive revenue stream for those criminals. Whilst the network companies may show some sympathy, the reality is YOU will still have to pay their bill, which can be anything between 10 and 100 times more expensive than normal.

It pays to be safe, how secure is your telephone system?