Business Urged to Protect Against Hacking Attacks


The UK Government has recently published a guide on Risks associated with cyber attacks.

Questions (below, from the guide), ask CEO’s and board members what the strategic, operational and financial benefits are to their organisation.






Protection of key information assets is critical
1. How confident are we that our company’s most important
information is being properly managed, and is safe from cyber
2. Are we clear that the Board are likely to be key targets?
3. Do we have a full and accurate picture of:
the impact on our company’s reputation, share price or existence if
sensitive internal or customer information held by the company were to
be lost or stolen ?
the impact on the business if our online services were disrupted for a
short or sustained period?
Exploring who might compromise our information and why is critical

4. Do we receive regular intelligence from the Chief Information
Officer/Head of Security on who may be targeting our company, their
methods and their motivations?
5. Do we encourage our technical staff to enter into information sharing
exchanges with other companies in our sector and/or across the
economy in order to benchmark, learn from others and help identify
emerging threats?

Pro-active management of the cyber risk at Board level is critical

6. The cyber security risk impacts share value, mergers, pricing,
reputation, culture, staff, information, process control, brand,
technology, and finance. Are we confident that:
we have identified our key information assets and thoroughly assessed
their vulnerability to attack?
responsibility for the cyber risk has been allocated appropriately? Is it on
the risk register?
we have a written information security policy in place, which is
championed by us and supported through regular staff training? Are we
confident the entire workforce understands and follows it?


A copy of the guide is available here

Another useful guide also published by the government to help business with cyber security is called 10 steps to cyber security Click on the link to download it.


The European Commission launched a consultation  in July, within the consultation are proposals that could see businesses required to report when their “essential” systems, including the internet, have been disrupted due to “cyber incidents”. The Commission said its aim is to “enhance preparedness, strengthen the resilience of critical infrastructure as well as to foster a cyber-security culture in the EU.”

Now, rather than later, is the time to start looking at how to secure your IT Networks, telecom networks and internet sites.


Structured Cabling Networks

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

Early years of the networking age, cabling systems were run through offices in an ad hoc fashion. You required separate cables for your phone systems, computer network, and occasionally, different cables for different sub networks on a system.
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