PCI DSS, CVV seller network closed down

The Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), working in collaboration with the FBI and the US Ministry of Justice, has shut down 36 major CVV sellers’ websites that were trading in stolen credit card details and online banking credentials. SOCA says the closures will reduce international fraud by more than £500 million a year.

The carder sites acted as online marketplaces for stolen card data, using e-commerce platforms known as Automated Vending Carts (AVCs) to collect the card data from criminals and then resell the account details to buyers around the world.

SOCA, the UK national police agency whose auspices include fraud and computer crime, said it has been tracking the development of AVCs and monitoring their use for some time. Over a two-year period, it worked with the FBI in the US, the BKA in Germany, the KLPD in the Netherlands, the Ukraine Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Australian Federal Police and the Romanian National Police, to recover more than 2.5 million cards and credentials of compromised personal and financial information. It said the recovered data has been passed to UK and overseas financial institutions to help prevent further fraud from taking place against the accounts.

The case underlines the need for merchants and service providers to “ensure they comply with the requirements of PCI DSS to protect card holder data and prevent it from ending up on sites where the data can be sold for a couple of pounds.”

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Just a quick update on our PCi telephony solution.

The developers have been working flat out with the PCI and are well on the way to achieving Level 1 accreditation for the Pay-Tel product.

This places our product beside such large and distinguished names as Sage pay and paypal who have level 1 accreditation for online payments services. To our knowledge no one, as yet, has achieved level 1 for telephony solutions.

We hop to have this accreditation signed up within the next few weeks


We will keep you posted!

P.S. our PCiTWO product for smaller merchants is also in development, this should be launched during the summer.