NTS is Number Translation Service. We can deliver your incoming call to a single destination/number or through a value add service such as time of day call routing etc. We have a wide choice of number types available: 01/02, 03, 0800, 0844, and 0871

One 2 One

The inbound call is diverted and delivered to the terminating number supplied or multiple One 2 Many option.

Fax to Email

When a user sends a fax to your NTS number, the document is processed and converted into a digital format (e.g. PDF) which is then emailed to you as an attachment instantly and delivered to the email address supplied.
Email attachments can then be viewed and stored easily on your PC. No more paper jams. No fax machine needed. An environmentally friendly fax service.

Time/Day Routing

Calls can be routed to required destination at required time of day with no intervention.

Reporting and Number Management

We can provide you with access to a secure online portal enabling you to view comprehensive call reports as well as making changes to your chosen destination.


If a call is undeliverable (destination is busy etc) the call is routed to a voicemail platform. We can arrange for the voicemail to be delivered by email immediately or we can arrange for all voicemail to be retrieved via your telephone.

Call Recording

Ideal if you need to meet stringent compliance and quality control standards. For example, those of the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Your recording can be delivered via email attachment or stored online for up to 6 years. There is no customer premises equipment required meaning there is no additional on-site energy consumption.


Businesses and retailers needing to take payment over the phone can now do so safe in the knowledge they are meeting with the latest PCI regulations.  Pay-Tel is a web-based payment solution that uses the telephone keypad to input data, it is designed to integrate seamlessly with CRM systems and is the cost-effective choice for businesses of all sizes looking for a simple to set-up and use system.