German telecommunications company owner admits role in hacking scheme

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The scheme, authorities said, involved theft of cell phone service or theft through a process known as “hacking,” in which hackers invaded telephone systems of businesses and placed calls to those systems in an attempt to identify phone extensions…

JVD‘s insight:

Wow, this just highlights to me the important question that all buyers of telecoms should be asking, can you trust the company selling to you and what measures are they offering to protect you should a fraud occur?


1st thing I would say is get recommendations from other clients of the Telecoms company, even better if you know them.


secondly, whilst no telecom company can totally protect you from fraud, is the solution they are offering secure? Do they offer any additional security for fraud prevention?


There is no point in waiting till the horse has bolted before securing the door is there?


As someone who has witnessed hacking first hand, let me tell you it is not a nice or welcome experience. With the increase in VOIP as a communications medium, now more than ever, we need to secure our networks. Even traditional, which is easily hacked in to aswell, we need to take precautions, yet we don’t and more worringly, we are never offered.

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